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Womb Healing or Female energy balancing

Womb healing is an energetic methodology created by Miranda Gray, author of “Red Moon” and “Reiki master” from the UK. I have been initiated and certified by her in Level 2 Moon Mother when she travelled to Argentina in 2018. Moon Mothers are certified to give Womb Healings and Womb Blessing® to other women, on site or remotely.

Womb Healing is like a Reiki session, with the difference that the energy is focused on the female energetic centers and the healing of the woman.

Womb Healing works on the three feminine energetic centers and the four archetypes, harmonizing and balancing them. It is incredibly supportive to integrate the energies of the Womb Blessing®, it brings harmony to painful or unbalanced menstrual cycles, it helps women that have issues with fertility, with their feminine energy and it helps women that are on their way to the menopause and post menopause to feel themselves complete women.

What are the Archetypes?

As cyclic women that we are, each phase of our menstrual cycle presents certain energies and patterns that all women have in common, the archetypes. We are four women in one, as four the energies of our menstrual phases. If you do not cycle anymore the presence of those energies are still in your body. Archetypes are also related to the four moments or stages of the life of a woman.

In general, we feel identified with some archetypes more than others, leaving the others asleep or repressed, not allowing them to express freely thus bringing physical, emotional or mental symptoms in our menstrual cycle and in our life.

The Womb Healing provides harmony between them, activating those who are asleep and eliminating blockages, allowing the four archetypal energies of the four women that you are to flow freely. This allows you to live in harmony with your menstrual cycle and with you being a woman.


  • Brings healing to the three female energetic centers.
  • It brings feelings of wholeness, stress relief, and feeling centered, confident, and empowered.
  • If you are still menstruating, Healing brings balance and stability to a difficult menstrual cycle.
  • If you are a complete woman (post menopause), healing will help you walk the path towards your fullness.
  • It also helps with the physical problems and emotional patterns that are stored around our hips and belly.
  • It heals the heart and the issues of love, care, giving and receiving. 
  • During pregnancies to bring you calm, balance and after giving birth to restore energies and come back to your center.

Its perfect for:

To accompany any stressful situation of your daily life, to bring you harmony and balance. In cases of not being able to get pregnant, irregular or painful menstruation or any other difficulty or disharmony in your cycle or life as a woman. Not just physical but also emotional. It´s perfect just to relax and relief stress.

How is the session and how long?

The session takes 50 minutes to one hour. The first time could take longer.

The first part of the session it's a talk where I ask the women some information about themselves and I also give introductory and useful  information about Cyclicity, feminine energy, Womb Healing that they can start using in their every day life.

Then it's the Womb Healing itself that takes about 30 minutes. It is always good to have a comfortable place to relax and receive energy.


Online Session €50.

Session In Lokeren, Belgium €60. 

Sessions at your home in Lokeren  €70. 

Ask for prices for Holistic Woman Therapy (6 Sessions).

Want to give a treat? ask for Gift Card.





Corner Flower Profile Picture of Florencia Massacessi

'"The Womb Healing helped me to unblock my energy flow and allowed me to reconnect with my cycle again. After many months of not having my period, I menstruated again two weeks after the session. Mariela taught me about the archetypes of the menstrual cycle and how important it is to be in balance with your body and more specifically with your uterus. She gave me the tools to understand myself better. She helped me to raise awareness and awaken the love for my femininity.”'

Florencia Massacessi
California (EEUU)
Corner Flower Profile Picture of Camila Gascón Beski

'My Womb healed!''“I had pain in my ovaries every time I ran. I have always loved running but I had to stop because the pain was too strong. I have done all the medical checkups but everything was fine. Nobody could explain my pain. I was also looking forward to getting pregnant but It just was not happening. Mariela helped me a lot to heal my Womb. Today I am pregnant, without pain and I can go running. Thanks Marie to help me healing. I strongly recommend the Womb Healing. ”'

Camila Gascón Beski
Auckland (Nueva Zelanda)