What is Yoga?

Yoga it is an ancient discipline that was born in India. Perhaps at present and with the great popularity it is seen more as a physical exercise or just to develop flexibility.
But the main purpose of yoga is the control of the mind to reach higher states of consciousness (Samadhi).

The poses (Asanas) were performed to have a strong and stable body so that the yogi could meditate for whole days to achieve a state of higher consciousness.

Asanas (poses) not only have benefits on a physical level, but also on an energetic level, they work on the internal organs and glands.

The mother of all lines of yoga is Hatha Yoga, from there all the other schools started. 

How are my Yoga classes?

Having practiced several styles: (Hatha, Purna, Bioenergetic, Kundalini, meditation) and having had many teachers since 2003, my classes are a synthesis of what I have learned in the different schools, my different teachers, and my personal path.

Reaching the state of higher consciousness is quite complicated and few yogis have achieved it, so the idea of the classes is to be able to relax the body and calm the mind.

A key piece in yoga is breathing, all postures are performed by connecting with your breathing. Pranayamas (breathing techniques) are those that allow you to control the mind, by controlling your breathing you can control your mind.

For me, a Yoga class without Pranayama is a class without a soul, the students arrive incredibly stressed and anxious and there is no way to calm the mind and connect with the practice without performing a Pranayama or depending on the level of the students, a simpler breathing technique.

Anyway, the main objective is for you to relax and feel good, you do not have to be a super flexible person or do the perfect pose, but rather connect with your body and your breathing, that's where the magic happens ... you just have to cheer up and go to see how your life will change if you practice regularly.


What are the benefits of practicing yoga with regularity?

  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Improve your concentration.
  • Helps to sleep better.
  • Improve the flexibility of your spine. A healthy spine is a healthy body.
  • Strengthens bones and muscles.
  • Increases flexibility, a flexible body is a young body.
  • You learn to breathe consciously and efficiently.
  • Among so many benefits ...


One hour Private Class In Lokeren (at your home): €60.






Corner Flower Profile Picture of Laura Lattanzi

'“I started taking yoga classes for the first time about six months ago, it has been an incredible mental and physical exercise. Mariela teaches with serenity and understanding, she gives you exercises that allow you a different connection with your body and your thoughts, fundamental in the times of anxiety and uncertainty that we live through now. Thanks to the way she guides the movements, each class is unique, it broadens my perceptions. I fully recommend taking her classes.”'

Laura Lattanzi
Santiago (Chile)
Corner Flower Profile Picture of Marian Lutzky

'“I take Yoga Classes with Mariela every Friday and I look forward to them with joy. It is a moment to connect with my body and my energy for me. It is a very important space specially in these times where it has been hard for me to go with the flow and take a mental and body rest. She is very kind and didactic. She also listens to us

Marian Lutzky
Valdivia (Chile)