Mariela Spoltore


I am Mariela, a woman just like you who has been living in this beautiful planet since May 17, 1985.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America. A continent that I love with all my heart. The twists of life brought me to Europe: Lokeren, Belgium where I currently live with my son Ethan and my husband.

Mariela Spoltore hacienda yoga en la floresta


My beginnings, towards the outside world ...

My professional career in tourism began after trip that Ive made to the North West of Argentina. I came back home realizing what I wanted to do in life: 
show the natural and cultural heritage of my country to people from other parts of the world.

That is when I started my training to become a tour guide. After finishing my studies I moved to one of my favorite regions of Argentina to work: the mythical Patagonia. I went to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. There I also made my dream of stepping into the white continent: Antarctica. And … not only step on it but also be a naturalist guide aboard Antarctic cruises for several seasons.

My love for nature and writing has always been present in my life.

My path from the heart to the inner world …

You may wonder what all this has to do with the therapies I am giving now ...
The truth is that I already started practicing yoga since 2003 and I have not given up until today. I have had many teachers, I practiced different styles.

My life as a tour guide was divided between high and low seasons where summer meant working almost nonstop for months followed by the calm of winter.
In these low seasons not only I did practice yoga very assiduously, but I also began to work on myself through different therapies.

I wanted to work on certain aspects of my personality. I got very involved with the floral therapy, so I decided to start a training with Claudia Belou, a certified teacher by the Bach Center in England, this brought me to level 3 Bach Floral Practitioner in 2018.

I have always been disconnected from my cycle, my feminine side, I have always been a brave “maiden” - an Amazon going after her goals - my other three women were hidden behind this Artemis. (Goddess of the Greek hunting, represents the archetype of the maiden).

To reconnect with my cycle and my feminine nature, I stopped taking birth control pills, which was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Then my shaman started to wake up inside of me … I started working with crystals and sahumos.

Working so many hours in the high season, I always had an extremely hard time when I was premenstrual, I did not know how to handle this, so I needed help and this is when I connected for the first time with a Moon Mother, my now friend Berenice Charpin. She helped me understand the different feminine energies and I began to participate in her Circles and receive the Blessings and the Womb Healings.

As time went by, I received the call from my heart to become a Moon Mother myself so that I could help other women. I completed my level 2 in 2018 when Miranda Gray came to Argentina.

I am now a “Hatha Yoga” Teacher with a diploma from the Sivananda School (200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training/ Yoga Alliance International) and a “Purna Yoga” Teacher with a diploma from the Emiliano Crivellari School of Yoga and Ayurveda. (100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training/Yoga Alliance International) 
During the pandemic I also became a Menstrual Therapist. I had gone through therapy in group sessions with Ani Musante, creator of Útera.

The most wonderful gift in my life was becoming the mother of my son Ethan and having the possibility of enjoy my pregnancy and post birth period with the Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training. Ive finished the course in January 2022 when my boy was two months old.

I want to offer you the light of yoga and the therapies that have transformed my life so that you can transform yours!

Thanks for your interest!

Contact me so I can meet you personally and help you on your path of personal growth!


I want to thank all my teachers who have made me the person I am today:
My yoga teachers: Marta Rodofile, Noemí Levy, Norma Fol, Data Kaur, Marisa Callegari, Emiliano Crivellari, Parvati, Swami Dayananda, Swami Santoshananda, Gopala, Master Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda for their teachings.
To Berenice Charpin for having been the one who guided me in understanding the energies of the feminine archetypes and how-to live-in harmony with my four women, to Claudia Belou my teacher of Bach Flowers, to Zulma Moreyra for having helped me heal my wounds as a woman through Menstrual Therapy, to Eleonora, my therapist who has accompanied me and accompanies me in all these processes. To Miranda Gray because without her books and her initiations I would still be in search of my authentic femininity.