Terapia Menstrual Ilustración

Menstrual Therapy

Menstrual Therapy is a methodology that is based on the female hormonal cycle and menstrual blood that reflects the portal wounds of all stages of a woman's life.

It seeks to guide the woman in her encounter with her cyclicity, her menstrual blood and her own natural calendar. As well as healing the portal wounds in the life of women.

Portal wounds are situations, painful moments, wounds themselves that leave a trace in the life or on the woman's body. If we cannot process them, that is, go through them and therefore achieve learning, those wounds remain in our body through diseases, recurring situations, emotional obstacles, pain ...

Throughout the sessions, these portal wounds are processed through meditations, activities or similar tools created by the Menstrual Therapist according to all the information provided by the consultant in the sessions. The idea is that the Portal Wounds could have their space, arise and express through physical and emotional movement.
We also educate about our cycle and its physical and emotional changes to connect with your body and its natural rhythm.

It is an energetic work but as we are women, our physical, mental and spiritual bodies also heal.

The menstrual therapist is a guide, not a healer, the process towards healing occurs through the active participation, commitment and self-knowledge that the client brings.

You return to your cyclicity, to our own rhythms and process your portal wounds.

The Method was created by Zulma Moreyra from Argentina. The Menstrual Therapists were trained by her.


Menstrual Therapy consists of six online sessions, once a month.

Sessions last about an hour and a half.

Before each meeting, in advance I will send you a question guide about each archetype / stage of your life to be able to work and achieve a better focus.


Online Session €60.

Session in Lokeren, Belgium: €80.


Corner Flower Profile Picture of Laura Pomilio

'“Menstrual therapy was not limited to physical issues, it was something much more profound. Being able to find myself at different moments of growth in my life gave me the possibility to heal some issues that had remained unsolved for too long. The therapy also helped me to become friends with my blood and understand the different women living within me.”'

Laura Pomilio
Puerto Iguazú (Arg)
Corner Flower Profile Picture of Jessica Graziano

'“I feel grateful for convincing myself to start menstrual therapy. In each session I could connect with the four women and get the best of each of them. The fact that I could transform so much pain into love gives me a lot of joy. Having a better relationship with my mother after healing myself just fulfills me. I feel grateful for having the courage to do this experience, to get to know myself better and make the most of myself, to get to know my four women and get the best of each of them and to heal my linage.”'

Jessica Graziano
Buenos Aires (Argentina)